(This one is already sold. It's one of my favourites.)

Thank you for all your lovely comments, for your visits, for the kind blog mentions, for you being there reading my words. The blog giveaway matchboxes will be soon in the making, the random number generator did the being random part of the draw as I'm home alone. Sima's two comments I counted as one to be fair to everyone, so number three means David will be getting some mail sometime soon (honestly, I was moved to tears by his comment, that's how girly-girl I am).

I made a weekend trip to the beautiful city of Rauma to see a friend and some pretty amazing burlesque, wandered around in the old town and took some very tourist-y photos of old doors and gates and street corners. The bus ride there and back reminded me of how much countryside we have here in Finland. So many bright yellow fields of rapeseed and the roadsides full of wild flowers and ferns. Love. (City life means a lot less allergies during the summer, so I'm happy to keep the fields at a safe distance most of the time.)

I feel like I could read some poetry I haven't read before. I'm stuck with my Finnish poetry and could do with a change. Who's your favourite writer, poet/novelist/author of whatever?