I'm not dead...

although I'm really really sick. So that's why I'm not blogging, even though I sort of promised. I couldn't sleep until 7 am last night /this morning because of all the coughing. I can't take responsibility over words written in this state, so now I'm just going to focus on getting two books to their new owners and after the trip to the PO I'll try to just be. Maybe read, if I still can't sleep.

I'm so glad I'm home alone, I sound gross and I look gross. I got a pretty haircut yesterday, but the haircut can't rescue me now. I need to de-gross a little and pack my packages. Uh oh.


I'm very happy that I managed to get tickets for a very special gig in April. Einstürzende Neubauten is playing at Tavastia, Helsinki. It's their first gig in Finland since 1984 (that's when I was born) and I'm going there with my husband and Milla. I'm usually quite sensitive when it comes to noise, but this gig is something I'm not planning to miss. I hope I've recovered from my flu before it's April.

I'm sure my mom would've wanted me to be interested in some other kind of German culture. The only time she ever commented my music taste was when she said my new Mogwai album was "terrible noise" (that was back in 2000 or so). Einstürzende Neubauten is much worse :)