fine binding - another binary code wip

I'm repeating myself a bit here - binding another copy of Ontto harmaa by Olli-Pekka Tennilä, again with no time to spare.

typewritten binary code endpapers + pink leather joints - fine binding - work in progress by Kaija Rantakari /

I hadn't intended to leave for Helsinki until June, but when the perfect summer home popped up, I couldn't let it slip away. And so my month reserved for binding this book turned into two weeks of scrambling together every unfinished thing AND binding this book from scratch. I'm doing a variation of a more traditional looking fine binding than my first Ontto harmaa was (it was an adapted version of a sewn boards binding). I find my skills rusty and my nerves all over the place, but I try to focus on the thought that done is better than perfect. Mind you, I don't advice you guys to do fine binding in a rush. It makes no sense, but here I am, with life skills 5/5.

preparing 2mm diameter leather onlays - fine binding - work in progress by Kaija Rantakari /

Also going to do that thing with almost 800 2mm diameter leather onlays again. Madness is what I excel at.

getting ready to tool the title - fine binding - work in progress by Kaija Rantakari /

Today is all about finishing - i.e. adding those dots and other finishing touches that are still missing. The title was put on yesterday already. Once the covers are done, tomorrow it's time to glue down the leather joints, fill in the inside covers, and put on the binary code doublures. If I finish all this by Friday evening, I should be good. I'm coming back home in under two weeks which means I'll even have time to take photos of the book before I need to send it on its way. Note to self: never again. Except I think I said that last time, too.