the minis are back

One of the very, very few books I keep making again and again, is this little long stitch notebook. I just checked Etsy and saw I've sold almost a hundred of these over the years - which, for me, is a LOT, since I generally make just one of a kind books or very limited lots. I absolutely get the appeal of these books, as the maker (these are fun to make!), but also as a creative person. The covers are heavyweight watercolor paper and the pages are drawing paper, allowing for all sorts of artistry from cover to cover. Also, these books are inexpensive and cute as a button. I've had several customers buy a bunch for their children/grandchildren to keep the kids busy for more than a minute, and to have their artistic creations in a handy format for years of admiration to come. Then there are the lovely people who turn these into art journals by embellishing the pages with their beautiful miniature-sized creations. And then there's people like me, who just enjoy the minimalism, the practical small-enough-to-travel-anywhere size, and use the books to jot down some ridiculous notes or shopping lists while sitting in a train...

You can now find a big lot of these in the shop.



Just finished the second half of my latest lot of kimono silk books, slow and steady... Coptic and long stitch bindings now available in the Paperiaarre shop.

We've been enjoying a particularly beautiful and sunny May here in the south of Finland, and it's been a challenge to stay indoors and get everything planned done, while also allowing myself some time to just relax and celebrate my accomplishments. I hope it's beautiful and balanced wherever you are!


bullet journals and #areyoubookenough gems

My artists' book didn't end up being the only book I bound in April. Yay me! I had started a trio of bullet journals for myself way back in March, but it took me over a month to put the covers together and sew the lot. For all of April I was dependent on notes and to-do lists scribbled on random post-its and backs of envelopes. Normally I rely on my bullet journal routine and get tons of stuff done, so maybe that's why I didn't manage to fit all that much bookbinding into my schedule...


All that will change now, thanks to these long stitch bindings, with a custom printed dark purple 4 mm dotted grid on recycled kraft paper for pages (a smaller than usual grid as I have a smaller than usual handwriting). The yellow one is the first in line for me - already filled with a few months' worth of calendar markings and plans for new books. Larger kimono books are underway as well as some tiny sketchbooks with watercolour paper covers, which have been sadly out of stock for a long time.

Now that the first days of May have flown by, it's time to share my favourites books of the April #areyoubookenough bookbinding community challenge. Visit the instagram post below to click through to each book artist's profile and see more of their work!

The May theme for the challenge is 'Secret'. I look forward to seeing what people come up with - will there be writing in code, hidden compartments, or personal secrets revealed? I have a list of possible ideas, but I'm still miles away from actually deciding what to create.

chained long-stitch notebooks

Finding bookcloth in colours I love is much easier these days. In part because there are more suppliers that ship to Finland at a reasonable price than before, but also because I find myself enjoying colours more than I used to. Although I still tend to wear pretty much black and grey... Anyway, this week I decided it was time to add a bit more variety to what I've been up to. You've really liked the long-stitch bullet journals with dotted grid pages, but every now and then I also get requests for similar books with blank pages. And here they are, blank pages in hard covers (in delicious colours!), sewn into notebooks using a long-stitch chain variation.

chainstitch-notebooks-paperiaarre-6-large (800x800).jpg

These books measure approximately 15x21,5cm / 5.9"x8.5", or around the size A5. They have 72 pages of 90gsm drawing paper suitable for most pens and dry media. You can find this lot in the Paperiaarre shop.

chainstitch-notebooks-paperiaarre-8-large (800x800).jpg
chainstitch-notebooks-paperiaarre-1-large (800x800).jpg

Next up on my to-do-list is a small lot of tall but slim sewn board binding notebooks with linen covers. And some with gold linen spines, too. I'm also itching to make a collage for a change, but we'll see... Maybe a small box, or a pendant, as a gateway into making some larger pieces after the matchboxes I made for December. It's a world of its own, making those tiny things!


Even on snowy days it feels like summer is only a leap away. For a terrible sleeper and chronic night owl like me it's wonderful to wake up and still have hours and hours of daylight left. I still do my best creative work late in the evening, but I find ideas come to me more easily when there's been also light to balance off the darkness.

I hope all is well with you and you're enjoying the February light wherever you are!

yellow and gray albums

This is a colour combination I keep coming back to time and time again. And so is the long stitch structure, as it not only looks really nice but it allows me to easily adjust the spacing between the pages. Meaning, it's a great way to create an album that beautifully accommodates a stack of photos, or a great number of collaged pages in an art journal, without beginning to bulge at the fore-edge.


You can find both albums in my shop. And anyway, I usher you to take a look what else is there - since from the perspective of most of you guys I live in a rather remote corner of the world, it's a good moment to start thinking about holiday shopping should you want something extra special paper treasures delivered to you in time from Finland.

My holiday highlight this year will once again be putting together a matchbox art calendar for you... Busy days ahead! Just did a couple of poetry performances that stole my attention away from papery goodness for a while, so I'm glad to take a deep dive in the boxes filled to the brim with most wonderful scraps put aside for this purpose. I'll be working fairly secretly on the matchbox project, but maybe a glimpse or two can still be seen later this month on Instagram...