On my desk, the sun trying to blind me at times

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Definitely not the project I should be working on, but this is what's happening on the kitchen table at the moment. Still at a very early stage, everything just tossed on the backcloth, but I suppose this will be finished before the move and everything (it has to be, I don't want to take loads of unfinished things with me to my new home). I'm taking my great great aunt Saima with me, sort of. This is art for me, at last. J said it looks like a funeral memorabilia or something. Whatever. And Saima has been dead for a good while, so maybe it's only appropriate ;) There will be a little more red stitching and probably also white stitching and buttons to lighten up this piece a bit.

300th Etsy sale reached! Yay! More matchbox letter making it is then. They're one thing I doubt I'll ever get bored of. Small things are always nice. (Feeling energetic again, if you didn't notice. Not that the book project has made any progress, but at least I'm not grumpy today.)

PS. I thought you might enjoy the youtube channel SpokenVerse, loads of interesting poems there! Like this one.