the forest floor quilt

quilt made using Forest Floor fabrics - by Kaija Rantakari / Lots of lovely babies coming into the world this year! What a great reason for quilting! I've made a bit of a habit out of making quilts for the new tiny people closest to me. It's so nice to create something entirely different from my usual books and collages. This time I made a simple quilt for a little girl born mid-September using Forest Floor fabrics designed by Bonnie Christine for Art Gallery.

quilt made using Forest Floor fabrics - by Kaija Rantakari /

As you can see, this isn't a baby-size quilt. I like to make larger quilts that can be used all through the childhood and even as a lap quilt later on. Babies stay babies for such a short period, and it's not that much more work to create a child size quilt if I have the option to do that (time/energy-wise). Also making a larger quilt allows me to pick more cute fabrics!

quilt made using Forest Floor fabrics - by Kaija Rantakari /

The Forest Floor collection includes loads of beautiful prints that worked beautifully with the matching solids. There are bunnies and bugs and mushrooms and all sorts of things you could find on the forest floor, especially if you're a bit closer to it than adults are. I didn't know the gender of the baby when I was picking the fabrics I was going to use, but the colour scheme of the collection would've allowed me to create a more boyish quilt had I wanted to. I found out the baby is a girl before I got to work, but I don't really believe in colour coding baby things, so I opted not to create a completely pink quilt, and went for pink, blue, and green instead.

quilt and doll quilt made using Forest Floor fabrics - by Kaija Rantakari /

The big sister of the new baby got her own quilt a couple of years ago. As I had some leftovers from the large quilt I decided to make a little quilt for the big sister's baby doll. I'm in no way a great quilter, but I find it's good for me to create something without the pressures of perfectionism for a change. I stick to simple patterns and do my best, and that's perfectly alright. My mother can do all the crazy difficult and time-consuming entirely-from-existing-fabric-stash quilts.

As I'm writing this post the next baby and her quilt are both almost ready, so it won't take long until the next quilt blog post from me!

V's pencil case

Earlier this spring I was in need of something quiet and slow. I made V a pencil case, by hand, sans sewing machine. And it wasn't slow like I thought it would be. I made another one for myself, a mustard yellow one, by machine, and it was much trickier for some reason, and it's not nearly as nice as V's. I wish I had thought of the pattern before cutting the fabric; it would've been nice to have a full circles form around the zipper.
Apparently Blogger isn't giving me back my post re: books of good things, but just so you know, there's a new version in the shop, in two colours and extra goodies will come with all orders from now until further notice. 
I will be moving next week, as well as taking a very important exam, so things are a bit crazy here at the moment. If I've managed to not reply to your messages, rest assured that I've spent many hours replying them inside my head whilst waiting to fall asleep. Many grateful thoughts were sent your way even if no words.