Almost there.

All stretched and mostly done. Some loose buttons and the photos still need a stitch or two. I can't believe I'm actually finishing something that I've started without starting at least two new projects meanwhile. (I think it has something to do with inspiration? Need to find that thing more often.)
The portrait of Saima (bottom left corner) was given to me by my grandmother on my 17th birthday along with some fancy handkerchiefs. Those handkerchiefs are safely stored in Jokela, but these edge laces and torn handkerchiefs just needed to be a part of an art project. I believe that these too were once my ascendant's, I don't know whose unfortunately. Maybe my mother could shed some light on this one? She has probably given these to me some ten years ago or so.

Now don't you start telling me that something's crooked or off in this piece. For once in my life I decided to toss the ruler away come what may. I must be a sad case, because it was truly a very, very satisfying thing to do. (And now they're all crooked, the handkerchiefs, there. Absolutely fabulous!)
A Duras day today. I love her, and her words. Les mains négatives 1 & 2. I know I've posted a link to this one before, but it's worth posting again: The Only Letter I've Ever Written. I like listening when I do things.