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the one who travels without paying the fee travels by stealth
Stowaway. Rabbits we may call them in Finnish. Today I'm traveling home to my parents. I did already pay for my train tickets, though. I hope the trains won't be terribly late, the weather hasn't been too nice and everything seems to be running late. It's almost sunny here, so maybe it won't be a problem after all. I still need to pack my bags, which will be a problem. In a good mood here, anyway. My holiday stress is now officially over, too late to do anything (Karen & Shannah, I gave up, you'll get your mail in January :) I would've made it in time without the stupid window stuff!), so now I can go help my mother deal with hers, I hope.
If you travel, travel safe. If you stay where you are, do that in a safe way too.