(tissue paper, japanese paper, metallic vellum paper, just paper, cardboard, thread, copper wire, piece of duck mussel shell, pencil)
tokens of affection pt.4
Words you can read if you know how. This is a small letter of a smile that reminds you of all things icy, I have yet to decide whether to like that smile or not.
Today will be spent with a friend in Lahti. Yesterday I was travelling for three hours, today it will be just two. Trains are good places to be, as long as you're not stuck there for hours. In the wintertime it's a bit strange though. Usually it's dark outside, so you can't even really watch the scenery, you just end up being in that little space, swaying from side to side (always a little, not even the fancy trains are fancy enough to keep you still), looking other people, seeing other people look at you, you read, you knit, you make origami stars, you listen to music (Cat Power covering all those awesome songs)... I like it how the outside world disappears. You're lost in a way, but you can always count on being on the right track (well, almost always, it wasn't long ago people going to Helsinki ended up in Turku because of someone's mistake). Anyway, lately it's been like this for me. Being slightly lost, but still sure I know where I'm going. I just need to go somewhere, today it's Lahti.