Triplets x2

I'm sure you weren't expecting another shop update so soon, but it's happening as I write (kind of)! You will find both of these beautiful triplets here as well as some other books, of which I will blog about later!

"Huurre" books in three different bindings: Carolingian, Coptic (with headbands) and Byzantine. Covered with white linen. Pieces of delicate watercolor paintings are mounted on cushioned boards, lacquered and embedded to the covers. All have 128 pages of smooth white paper.

4.3"x5.9"0.9" (11x15x2,4cm)

"Tervas" trio from left: Carolingian, Byzantine and Coptic (with headbands). These books are larger than most my books, and therefore very suitable to be used as guest books too. Covered with crumpled brown tarred paper which creates a leather like finish for the book. Decoration as in "Huurre". 128 pages of gray, 100% recycled, acid free paper.

6.1"x 8.3"x0.8" (15,4x21,2x2cm).

More books are on their way! I've felt inspired for many reasons, one of the reasons being this.