Dear Leonard

Dear Leonard,

It was lovely to see you last night. You looked radiant and your voice was something beyond my very high expectations. You were as kind and fun as I had imagined, and to hear you speak and sing was like your voice was hugging my heart. It was only fair that you brought some company too since I took DH with me, but it would have been much more intimate with 11 000 less people. Maybe next time we could meet at our place instead of an ice-hockey arena?

I'd like to especially thank you for singing Suzanne to me. It's been a special song to me ever since I heard it for the first time. I think it gave me goosebumps way back then just like it did yesterday. We didn't have a wedding waltz at our wedding, we had Suzanne and terrible dancing skills. (You'd know that if you had come there like I dreamed. Instead of having you play live at our wedding we had two young men with a guitar and a cello who were quite terrific, so don't feel too bad about not coming. I love you nonetheless.) My other favorite song of the concert, Who By Fire, was most touching and hearing it last night was one of those moments I wish to remember forever. I think I almost saw your eyes moisten. My vision was blurred due to some nasolacrimal duct issues at the moment so I'm not quite sure. I believe you enjoyed last night as much as I did and it is the most heartwarming feeling. You're my favorite old man. Please come back soon.



Triplets x2

I'm sure you weren't expecting another shop update so soon, but it's happening as I write (kind of)! You will find both of these beautiful triplets here as well as some other books, of which I will blog about later!

"Huurre" books in three different bindings: Carolingian, Coptic (with headbands) and Byzantine. Covered with white linen. Pieces of delicate watercolor paintings are mounted on cushioned boards, lacquered and embedded to the covers. All have 128 pages of smooth white paper.

4.3"x5.9"0.9" (11x15x2,4cm)

"Tervas" trio from left: Carolingian, Byzantine and Coptic (with headbands). These books are larger than most my books, and therefore very suitable to be used as guest books too. Covered with crumpled brown tarred paper which creates a leather like finish for the book. Decoration as in "Huurre". 128 pages of gray, 100% recycled, acid free paper.

6.1"x 8.3"x0.8" (15,4x21,2x2cm).

More books are on their way! I've felt inspired for many reasons, one of the reasons being this.

I was neglecting my weird side until today.

Six pieces of more or less geeky jewelry are in the shop right now, as well as the book you saw yesterday. Some photos Blogger kept rotating against my will, so not all brooches are featured in this blog post. If anyone has a solution to this rotation problem, please let me know, it's driving me crazy.

The 50's schoolbooks I chopped up earlier have been turned into lightweight jewelry. I especially love the compass necklace. Maybe I should make something nice for myself too. I keep forgetting that even I would love to wear the jewelry I make. Does it ever happen to you?

While listing these on Etsy I got stuck with listening to My Brightest Diamond. Oh the voice, the voice. And this is a video so strange that it matches today's theme perfectly.