I regularly go back to the basics, the things I enjoy the most. Natural fibres, neutral colors, books that are stripped from everything unnecessary. A good while back, before my move, I made a set of three books: one larger than my usual size, two smaller. It has taken me this long to blog photos and list them on Etsy. Do I get a medal for doing it now? Better late than never. Earlier in my life I never missed a deadline or anything like that (well, I did always end up using all of the time available and finish last minute), but I'm trying not to stress now and sometimes it means my self set deadlines are the first ones to be totally ignored. It's all good.
Coptic bound guest book/journal covered with fine creamy white raw silk. Inside of covers is gorgeous shiny white paper. 
8.4"x0.7" (19,4x21,3x1,8cm)
72 smooth off-white pages with torn edges 
natural linen drawstring pouch (9.3"x14"/23,5x35,5cm) can be used for storing the book, and for example pens and ephemera like love letters or such...
These two beauties are basically the same thing as the first one, only in a smaller size. One covered with natural linen, one with the gorgeous raw silk. (Oh how I wish I had bought more of that silk when I found it...)

3.6"x5.6"x0.7" (9,2x14,3x1,8cm), drawstring bag (5.5"x11"/14x28cm) 
All three can be found here.

Skinny but large. (With a bag.)

Two more days and then I'm on my way to London! And you know what? I've caught a cold. I'm not really ill yet, so I'm hoping that a lot of rest and comfort food will make it go away. But one thing I know for sure: being on a plane with a dripping nose is one of the least fun things I can think of right now. I've never felt as miserable as I did when I came back home from a language course via Paris. I have no recollection of the city at all. Three days of my life was wiped off my memory. I know I was in the Eiffel tower because I have a photo to prove it.

Before my throat got sore I managed to finish numerous projects. But since photographing clothes is really difficult without a tripod or a friend, the only thing I can show you now is my travel journal. It's about size A5 with 60 pages. Skinny but large. With a bag. I've kept telling you that books in bags are a great idea, but after our trip to Gozo with a travel journal sans bag I'm totally convinced that just about all books should have bags. How much ephemera is it possible to quite randomly collect in two weeks? A whole lot of ephemera.

A combination of charcoal and pearl gray linen felt right for a December trip to London. I know it's gray (and black!) here in Finland, and it was terribly gray in Warsaw a couple years back when I was on a little December trip there, so I thought a gray book set was more appropriate than a green one in London too. I'm sometimes a bit weird about colors. (And that's why I added a little red linen as end bands.)

All right, one more time: Please remember that TODAY is the LAST DAY to place orders you want delivered in time for Christmas! I will leave my Etsy shop open while I'm gone but all orders placed during my visit to London will be shipped Dec 15th and I can't guarantee that they'll arrive in time unless you live in Finland. I know this is the worst time of the year to abandon my shop like this, but I have very little power over my free time and I just couldn't give up the possibility to go to London.

If you're in London and would like to meet me (I know I would like to meet you!), drop me a line now (with some contact info please) or later and hope that I'll have the chance to read my e-mail somewhere. I already have some super exciting plans for Saturday, and they include some great company and at least a little stop right here.