I regularly go back to the basics, the things I enjoy the most. Natural fibres, neutral colors, books that are stripped from everything unnecessary. A good while back, before my move, I made a set of three books: one larger than my usual size, two smaller. It has taken me this long to blog photos and list them on Etsy. Do I get a medal for doing it now? Better late than never. Earlier in my life I never missed a deadline or anything like that (well, I did always end up using all of the time available and finish last minute), but I'm trying not to stress now and sometimes it means my self set deadlines are the first ones to be totally ignored. It's all good.
Coptic bound guest book/journal covered with fine creamy white raw silk. Inside of covers is gorgeous shiny white paper. 
8.4"x0.7" (19,4x21,3x1,8cm)
72 smooth off-white pages with torn edges 
natural linen drawstring pouch (9.3"x14"/23,5x35,5cm) can be used for storing the book, and for example pens and ephemera like love letters or such...
These two beauties are basically the same thing as the first one, only in a smaller size. One covered with natural linen, one with the gorgeous raw silk. (Oh how I wish I had bought more of that silk when I found it...)

3.6"x5.6"x0.7" (9,2x14,3x1,8cm), drawstring bag (5.5"x11"/14x28cm) 
All three can be found here.