Matchbox Monday

(tissue paper, cardboard, buttons, linen thread, text from a vintage dictionary)
Back to one of my favourite things to make. I didn't want my Letters to you -project to end, so I found a new way to keep it alive and keep myself creating even at the busiest times. Matchbox Monday. Every Monday you can expect to find a new matchbox here on the blog, and also on Etsy (unless it's a matchbox made especially for someone). The letter writing part of the project isn't gone even though this first one only includes a few words. This one is for sale here.
Mrs., Mrs ! Growing up. They call me Mrs, they address me formally. I remember when I got a wicker basket full of sewing equipment and supplies as a gift from my mother. I don't know how old I was, probably not much over ten, if even that. But I remember how one thing felt more special than anything else. There was a felt covered tin box that had buttons inside it. It wasn't full, but there were many buttons I recognized from my mom's button stash. Previously I had played with buttons that belonged to my mom or to my grandmothers, but now I had a button stash of my own, a place where I would put all the spare buttons and the treasure buttons that were mine. That was a serious growing up moment to me. (And no, I don't think I ever used any of the buttons that were inside the box when I got it. They were simply too precious, and maybe a bit too flowery too!)