breathing, steady.

Choosing the colours is always the most difficult part. I'd like to have some more greens and oranges in my linen stash, but the big fabric store I usually buy my linen fabrics from is moving and almost everything is packaged and out of my reach until mid-august. I did manage to find a lovely gray that I will definitely be using in my new books. I'm currently making some two colour coptic bindings with a little twist to what you're used to seeing. Very minimalistic. And more durable than the basic coptic binding without compromising the super easy to open feel they have. This is one of those things I've been meaning to try for ages, but for some reason thought wouldn't work using linen. I'm happy I was wrong on that one, the new books are beautiful.

The first cool day in weeks. It was lovely to wrap myself up in a huge cardigan and walk the windy streets alone, somehow separate from the world for a moment.