If you're feeling nerdy, etsy tomorrow.

I didn't fall of from the face of the earth, although I've been stumbling quite a lot. I haven't had my regular days off from work and it seems that my creep magnet is getting more and more powerful every day. On the same day I've had the most infuriating customer yet and a customer who was so moved by my kindness that she was literally in tears and brought me a thankyou card later. The latter was almost as creepy experience as the the first one. Anyway, I'm desperately in need of rest and creative moments. I don't have work tomorrow, which means that there'll finally be a little shop update! This pretty notebook will be there as well as some nerdy brooches and necklaces.

Coptic bound notebook with fine khaki linen covers where an anatomical illustration of a heart is embedded. 128 pages of beautiful gray paper with torn edges.
4.1"x6.3"0.8" (10,3x16,1x2,1cm)