Letters to David

It's time for me to find new stories. I like the story of the magician and the abandoned house and the strangeness of them both. The world is full of stories just as fascinating and just waiting for me and the personal meaning I have for them. I want a new story. Less sad, less lonely, maybe with a relatively happy ending (preferably one I can remember). Would you go and look for a story of some kind with me?

I'm working on too many things at once. I've started a huge quilt for my new home and the competition book should be bound too. I'm planning to take photos of the book in progress, but the progress just isn't happening. I love making full leather bindings, but maybe my energy levels are still too low for serious work. Or maybe I'm just having a bad day. I can't pretend I don't have them (often). Making things helps tremendously, but right now I've lost my focus. I think I need to write a matchbox letter or two.