for the love of stacks and journals

Coptic bound journals, as promised! I was a busy bee for the past week and have a ton of new notebooks under way, with stacks of signatures, endpapers, and fabric taking up most of my desk. I need to turn those stacks into stacks like this one - these take up a lot less space, are easier to store, and are ready to leave the house whenever.


The sage green journal got a distressed gold stripe on its cover to match its dotty gold endpapers, but the other three I left plain apart from the patterned endpapers.


And as always, these journals open beautifully and lie flat just where you want them to. Unlike with many, many books, you can actually use the entire page, from the very edge to the very fold.


If you feel like you'd like to own or gift one of these, you can find them all in the Paperiaarre shop. Also, there's just one of the kimono silk notebooks from last week left...

Now it's time for me to choose between heading out into an actual snow storm in search of sustenance or cutting some book cloth until I'm so hungry I want something I have in my freezer. You all know how this is going to go.