chained long-stitch notebooks

Finding bookcloth in colours I love is much easier these days. In part because there are more suppliers that ship to Finland at a reasonable price than before, but also because I find myself enjoying colours more than I used to. Although I still tend to wear pretty much black and grey... Anyway, this week I decided it was time to add a bit more variety to what I've been up to. You've really liked the long-stitch bullet journals with dotted grid pages, but every now and then I also get requests for similar books with blank pages. And here they are, blank pages in hard covers (in delicious colours!), sewn into notebooks using a long-stitch chain variation.

chainstitch-notebooks-paperiaarre-6-large (800x800).jpg

These books measure approximately 15x21,5cm / 5.9"x8.5", or around the size A5. They have 72 pages of 90gsm drawing paper suitable for most pens and dry media. You can find this lot in the Paperiaarre shop.

chainstitch-notebooks-paperiaarre-8-large (800x800).jpg
chainstitch-notebooks-paperiaarre-1-large (800x800).jpg

Next up on my to-do-list is a small lot of tall but slim sewn board binding notebooks with linen covers. And some with gold linen spines, too. I'm also itching to make a collage for a change, but we'll see... Maybe a small box, or a pendant, as a gateway into making some larger pieces after the matchboxes I made for December. It's a world of its own, making those tiny things!


Even on snowy days it feels like summer is only a leap away. For a terrible sleeper and chronic night owl like me it's wonderful to wake up and still have hours and hours of daylight left. I still do my best creative work late in the evening, but I find ideas come to me more easily when there's been also light to balance off the darkness.

I hope all is well with you and you're enjoying the February light wherever you are!