(handmade paper, vellum paper, paper, encyclopaedia illustration, encyclopaedia text)
suuria kunnianosoituksia
sekä vähän hiukkasia
hiutale; liuska,
kaikki kysymyksessä
olevat elementit,
mutta eri järjestyksessä
great homages
and some particles
a shard;
a flake; a chip,
in a sequence,
all elements
in question,
but in another order
My mother found an example of the early works of this matchbox artist, and some of my brother's box-y creations too. She knows to save just the right things.
Today is the day of Christmas celebrations here, therefore today is also the final day of this calendar. If you stop by tomorrow, you'll see all the matchboxes together, but after that things will quiet down here quite a bit. I will be back mid-January at the earliest. I wish you all a lovely, peaceful Christmas and days filled with the things you want them to be filled with. (I wish my days will be filled with peace and quiet and good food and time with my family and finally my V.)