What would you like to do?

A Finnish letter full of nice things we could do together if you came to visit me at my new home (big changes, moving once again!). We could eat out if you didn't like my cooking. Just today I went to some second-hand shops where I'd like to take everyone who comes to see me. The shops didn't fit into the letter (and it was too late anyway), I was busy writing about carrying mattresses from the attic and other relevant things.
I haven't shown you all the matchbox letters I've made, but you can go see and comment on them on my Flickr. There's a set for the matchbox letters and another one for the matchbox a day project (just in case you're interested to see where all this began).
I'm leaving to visit my family tomorrow. Staying there for a little while, hopefully picking blueberries and avoiding further mosquitoe bites (on the verge of madness already!). The last time I was there I made dresses, maybe this time around I'll have a skirt or two finished before it's time to come back to Turku.
Thank you all for your reading suggestions, as soon as I've finished the book I'm reading now and knitting yet another scarf (first one here), I'll go and search the library for your recommendations.