Today I would like to...

...own more vintage lace, more monogrammed linens to destroy in the name of art, a handful of abalone shells, more glass buttons, more things made of natural fibres in natural colours
...make books, plan my non-christmassy advent calendar, make gnocchi from scratch, make bread dough to be baked tomorrow, decide if I want to make a zine or not, find where I've hid my reindeer vellum, go out a bit, maybe buy myself some flowers

and listen to this (mom-friendly) and this (probably falls into the category of hideous youth music, so don't click this one if you're my mom or if you just try to avoid electronic music)

(thanks to a dear friend my sale wasn't a total failure. for a moment I thought no one wants to buy my stuff even when it's on sale, but then again, I was having a weird weekend anyway.)