This and that.

I've finally made some case bound books too. It feels rather silly that I hardly ever make these really basic books anymore. I'm just so in love with coptic binding. I usually stick to my favorites once I've found them. I prefer my chocolate made by Fazer, my eggs organic, my books written by Marguerite Duras, my breakfast yogurt and my yogurt Valio's Hedelmäpommi (peach, apricot and raspberry). Back from the sidetracks, here's the first case bound book covered in fine sage linen, stenciled with ochre. Approx. 14.5x21.5cmx1.7cm. 160 pages.

And here's my first quilt! Or at least the first one I've made since childhood. That's mr. Paperiaarre holding the quilt, and the quilt is for a new baby boy of our friends. The quilt is about 85x85cm. Green on top, waterproof on the back, just in case. Since Blogger doesn't upload some of my photos in the right way, see close-up here.

We've also made something for the fresh big brother, but more about that later. I can tell you that it included me teaching my not-so-crafty DH how to sew!