If this isn't a fine stack of books, I don't know what is! I'm so happy with the way these turned out. Inspired by V's book, I made some more books with reindeer spines and tarred paper covers. Vintage encyclopaedia illustrations never cease to thrill me. I never use the same illustration twice = these are the actual illustrations from the books = yes, I really chop up books = there will never be two books or brooches alike. I especially like the masculine and classic feel these books have because of the materials chosen. The leather on the spine (Finnish reindeer!) is sooo soft and hence the books open beautifully.The tarred paper on the covers is a much more durable covering material than most papers. I wrinkled and crinkled and rubbed and abraded the paper so much that my hands hurt days afterwards and the paper is still strong and gorgeous with a leather-like appearance. The more you use the book, the better it will look.
 and finally the sperm whale book I made using my favourite paper, 100% recycled AND still acid free
You can find more details about each book by clicking the links and visiting my Etsy shop. The mysterious longstitch books mentioned in an earlier post will join these five some time next week, along with some beautiful cards. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend so far! I know I am - apparently you need time away from home during the week to learn how to appreciate weekends again.