Surprise news!

I must be more insane than I thought, since I'm seriously planning to bring back the traditional Paperiaarre advent calendar after taking a break last year (though I did create one for V). I'm not insane enough to try creating a fifth matchbox art calendar (things that small are way more challenging than one imagines), so I'm increasing the size of my daily creations quite a bit. I've already cut 125 pieces of board, put them together into 24 boxes, tried out a selection of old photos and cut-up poetry, and sorted through piles and piles of paper in pleasing colours and textures. Basically, what I'm currently working on is 24 mixed media boxes at the same time. I'm not entirely confident I'll manage, but I will definitely try. Support and inspiration from my dear readers is much appreciated <3

The roundups of my previous advent calendars can be viewed here:

2009 (no photo of all boxes together, unfortunately, you have to click through the numbered posts individually)

Like I said, a crazy undertaking, but I plan to make the most of it!

Another bit of news for you, my dears, the lovely Laura of Bugs and Fishes invited me to be a part of her Crafty Ladies interview series, and today is the big day! Laura was one of my first Etsy customers (back in 2007!), and I've been following her blog ever since. Hop over to her blog, read my interview and immerse yourself into a crafty world much more colourful than mine!

What's new?

When you think you don't mind your fabric fraying a little in the washing machine, zigzag the edges anyway. I didn't know there could be that much lint and thread balls in the world. Luckily I was generous when cutting the pieces, no harm done. But the cleaning...yew.

While I pick lint from everywhere, make some books, sew some pouches and check out new apartments (yes, we're moving too, it seems to be the way to go in the blogland), I have a special guest to keep you entertained. I've met so many people through blogs that I'm really curious about. Because I'm too shy to ask questions just for the fun of it, I made up the perfect excuse: interviews. So every once in a while there'll be a little interview with hard questions for a lovely person.

The first to be interviewed was Karen, with whom I share the love of detail, and a lot more.