still (life)

Oh. Your comments made me feel so much better. I wasn't feeling too great the last time I wrote, but maybe it was because of the summer cold that caught me by surprise and not just my general moodiness. I'm not planning to abandon my blog, actually I'm hoping to get back to my regular blogging routine as I really miss writing and making and communicating.

The cold has kept me home and a bit slow. Different type of slow. Time to think without my brain working too fast and jumping ahead of things. I stay put and focused. I've made so many new things: books, brooches and necklaces to begin with. I can't wait to finish the books in progress and dedicate some bright day to taking photos and updating the shop. I know, I still have the last batch of books I showed you to list, but they'll have to wait a moment, too.

The above photos are from the Natural History Museum in London. I seemed to avoid most things once alive.