New books, at last!

And we're officially back in business!


As you well know, I took a loooong break from bookbinding this summer. While my days were filled with exciting things like writing, apartment hunting, renovations, etc., bookbinding was something I sorely missed in my daily life. The new workspace has now been put into use at last, and you can find four new books in the Paperiaarre shop.


Each book has 96 bright white fairly heavy-weight pages with light grey 5 mm dotted grid, making them perfect for bullet journal use, or for anyone who likes their books with a bit of a visual aid instead of blank pages. I personally find dots less distracting and more practical than lined pages.


As always, these books are all one of a kind. Only one book in each colour was made, and once a colour has sold out, it's gone. So, you know what to do if you find yourself having an instant favourite!