mixed media monday - work in progress

mixed media work in progress - Kaija Rantakari / paperiaarre.com Just a small glimpse of a work in progress today. The heat has made me sluggish and this piece refuses to be rushed. Maybe you'll see how it turns out next week, or maybe it needs a longer incubation period and I'll share something else instead.

mixed media work in progress - Kaija Rantakari / paperiaarre.com

I received several lovely emails and comments after my bookbinding tip blog post and decided to go ahead with the Instagram Q&A / Office hours idea. Office hours would be a misleading title for what I have in mind, as I plan to keep a dedicated Instagram post open to new questions for all of Friday. I've got followers from so many time zones having a set time frame of a few hours would be needlessly complicated especially since I don't expect to be drowned in questions. I'll just answer the questions in the order they come. So, make sure to follow me on Instagram, and start thinking of bookbinding/mixed media art/paperiaarre related questions you'd like to ask me on Friday! I really know quite a lot about bookbinding, so you don't need to limit the bookbinding questions to the techniques you see regularly featured here on my blog.