A collage I made on Amelia's great experimental art e-course before my wrist started acting up. Click to enlarge. I used old magazine images, a vintage dictionary page, recycled kraft paper, vellum paper, tissue paper, wax paper, silk thread and at least three different kinds of glue. I like glue. Almost as much as I like my knives and rulers.

I'm unnaturally fascinated by sibilants and fricatives and phonetics in general. I just wish my vocal tract would cooperate. Today everything is nasal. Apparently it's impossible for me to go through a month without catching a cold.

The blog world has been exceptionally kind to me in the past couple of months or so. A big thank you to everyone who has featured my work in their blog or Etsy treasury, and to everyone who has told a friend about Paperiaarre or linked to my blog. It really makes me happy to see more and more people come here every day. I leave you with a couple of links tonight, but my thankyou is much larger than this small list of links.

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