Matchbox Monday 9

(handmade paper made by me, paper, Japanese paper, wood, vintage school book illustrations, linen thread, ink)
While I was looking for something else, I found my very random collection of handmade papers I made in art school. I guess I will be using those quite a lot in the near future as the pieces are too small to be used on anything larger than a matchbox. In this week's box I used lavender coloured paper (made from flax if I remember correctly), two different weights: one lightweight, one thick and hard like parchment. And I realize that the photos show absolutely no hint of the lavender, but it's there, trust me.
A good weekend after a ridiculously difficult week. It's been pouring rain ever since V arrived here over a week ago. And now that I'm writing this, on Sunday afternoon,  the sun is shining, but we'd rather just be lazy at home than go out. Freedom of choice is definitely a good thing.