London pt. 3

Night and day. That's what London and Finland are to me. I don't know which is which. Maybe most people worry less at night since that's when we should be sleeping. London is my night, then. But it brings so much light into me, it's almost laughable.
One of the nice little things I often think is how I sat on museum gallery benches, resting my sore feet, waiting for V to finish his round of nearby rooms and pick me up before he went too far from me or I got bored of the paintings I was surrounded by. I can only take in a little at a time, so this was good for me. Sitting there, with the soles of my feet tingling from excessive walking, I was with V, sensing his presence, and alone with my body. It all made the museums feel even more sacred than before. People move slowly, shuffling their feet, everyone looking at the art in a different manner. There are those who look at the names of the artists and their artwork, then there are those who look at the art, then there are people like me who look at the museum. But I don't think anyone cocks their head just the same way as someone else.