house tour

Selected bits I haven't shared with you earlier. In our previous home the two letterpress drawers were joined together to make a larger coffee table, but I now split them up and added a set of dainty legs to the better half. The other now houses tiny things that don't fit into the coffee table for one reason or another. I have set my mind on opening another Etsy shop for all sorts of tiny vintage finds I keep dragging home. Maybe later this year, maybe next. Just today my wonderful godparents brought me a bagful of bits and pieces and huge scissors I had put together with the new shop in mind while I was visiting urhem, my original home, earlier this month. I need to sort it all through again in case there's still items I definitely want to hold on to. I'm sure there is. I'm unfortunately materialistic.

The lampshade in my workspace is some years old already, I don't really know why I didn't blog about the making of it back then. Anyway, it's made of the first part of a massive dictionary set I don't own the rest of - all the faces in the A section, except for some dictator I didn't want staring at me.

I uploaded a small set of photos to flickr, so there's some additional photos there in case someone is interested in taking a closer look.