Harebell notebook

Translucency has been on my mind a lot lately. The possibility of layering and the simultaneous being and non-being of see-through materials fascinates me. Sometimes I'm even very much see-through myself. An Instagram comment saying "everything in your work expresses emotions" pretty much nails what I aim for, mostly out of necessity, though - I'm fairly sure I'm unable to work in any other way. And if you claim bookbinding isn't a very expressive line of work, you should really check out what amazing things bookbinders do...


This harebell notebook is a distant cousin of the vellum notebook dating back to February. This one's much more delicate, smaller, lighter, more translucent. The covers are made with vintage school book illustrations and waxed lokta paper, and the spine is a sliver of an antique vellum document.

The pages are a mixed lot - off-white drawing paper in 100gsm and 150gsm and a few vellum paper pages with an occasional foldout thrown in the mix. I actually wish I could see what this book looks like once it's been put to good use! If you feel like you know just the right person to fill this with scribbles, it's available in my shop.


It's book fair week here in Helsinki, so I've got places to be, people to see. I've already got a big stack of paper folded for next week's projects, though, and I think I'll share a couple of my cut-up poems from this summer here come Monday. I hear not everyone follows me on Instagram, and some are even curious to see what went on while things were so very quiet here...