The ghost horse & lost and found

I'm terrible at keeping secrets so I'll keep my post short :) My work in progress is on a short break, but I've still got some catching up to do with posting my photos. Maybe we'll meet again tomorrow?

I think everyone has a strange friend or acquaintance to whom you never seem to find an appropriate gift. Maybe these would work?

This is part of all the weirdness that's been going on. A scary horse combined with black linen. 128 pages of thick peachy yellow paper with watermarks. 4.3"x6.1"x0.9" (11x15,6x2,4cm)

"Lost and Found" is a mini notebook with a vintage illustration of a compass (and also a gay bar in Helsinki, but that's a whole another story). Paperiaarre has always been about little paper treasures, and this is about as small as my books get! I'm not usually into cute things, but this is cute, irresistible and unisex. 96 pages of off-white paper. 2.8"x3.3"x0.8" (7x8,4x2cm)