Friday morning was the first subzero one for me. When I walked to uni, the leaves on the ground were all frosty and gray, not tired and yellow like the ones in the above photo. In the afternoon, on the train, I watched rivers and ponds and lakes. The further up north I went, the more ice the lakes had. It was merely a very, very thin layer of ice, where the wind hadn't broken it, but ice nonetheless. And the water was blacker than I could've imagined. Yesterday I woke up to a good four-inch slush on the ground and a light snowfall. I was most definitely not prepared for a weather like this. Maybe my poor choice of shoes will give a decent excuse to stay indoors, where it's warm and cozy, most of my vacation week. Maybe I will finally have time to reply your messages and say hello to your lovely blogs.
(Thank you all who wished me luck. The phonetics exams went better than well.)