The big and friendly at heart book rant

On Saturday it snowed for the first time this year. There are still some white spots on the ground. The last green-leafed tree in Turku (or actually Belgium, it's on embassy's area) has dropped all its leaves and looks like it's shivering with cold. I know I was freezing while walking home from the railway station.

Today I'm finally writing about something that's been on my mind for a long time. Really often I hear someone say, that my books are too beautiful/expensive/special to write in. I say it's nonsense. They're books! You're supposed to write/draw/whatever in them. It can't be bad for anyone to respect their thoughts enough to write in a fine book. People want to show their personality in almost every possible way. Why shouldn't you show you (and others, too) your own personality by choosing to use a book that's made with love, and with interest in its unique appearance, functionality and durability? Buying a good book that pleases your eye, that'll last and feel good when you write in it, isn't that bad investment. A book is something you buy and it makes you feel better every time you use it. Or you buy it as a gift that'll show your true caring.

It's all right not to use a book and just enjoy it as it is, blank and awaiting. That's a perfectly acceptable thing to do, but you shouldn't leave it blank just because you're intimidated by the book. Books are your friends. If you're afraid of the pages running out, let me tell you: I'm not going anywhere. There are plenty of books on their way to the world.

I'm not going to lecture you about the prices that much. Making things by hand simply takes time. Learning to make good books takes more time. I'm a good bookbinder and I refuse to feel bad about saying it aloud.

This is not an attack on anyone, nothing like that. These are just my thoughts of why one should have a handmade book, and use it. I think there's so much useless intimidation towards handmade functional objects. And after all this, I hope no one is now intimidated by me because of this rant of mine.