Be The Blog

Here's another award! Diane gave me this award in her lovely blog Much of a muchness, where I'll be spending some time as soon as I have time to spend. It's always interesting to see what other bookbinders do! Hmm... Be The Blog -award. Well, let's say this blog is the much less Finnish and much less tantrum throwing version of me. It doesn't mean I'm cheating, I just know when to keep myself from typing. I'm glad you know this version. Be The Blog -award is created by Mark from Me And My Drum.

Be The Blog award

Since I haven't really gotten to know anyone too well in here yet, I'm going to give this award to only one blog. That being Jesse's. She's been amazingly kind to me, and I really enjoy her blog (and she has just blogged about the most wonderful block printed cotton tapes!). This doesn't mean that yours is boring :)