at last - artists' book

Quite fittingly the #areyoubookenough artists' book challenge had the same theme as my entire month of April. The theme was "poem" and I happened to make a book titled At last. This is the only physical book I've finished in April so far (I hope I can still fit a couple more into my schedule!), but I did finish writing my own poetry book due out in August. From now on it's just tiny edits, if any. I had hoped to finish the poetry book last summer, but I'm glad the project took its time, as I'm very pleased with how everything turned out.

This artists' book is the first one where I use my own photography as well as collaged cut-up poetry. The images are printed on 21 gsm Japanese paper, which I also used for hinges. The structure is basically a concertina, but as the pages are hinged with thin paper, the book can be manipulated into a variety of positions instead of it sticking to the rigid zig zag of a concertina. The pages were inspired by old slides, but I chose to print my imagery slightly translucent paper to keep the text more legible than it would be if I had chosen 12 gsm paper for example.

At last is an artists' book with a signed and numbered edition of six. The pages measure 6x6 cm / 2.4"x2.4", and the book measures 69,5 cm / 27.4" fully opened. The book will be available through the Paperiaarre shop. To see video and more photos of the book, please visit my instagram.