a tiny dozen of notebooks

...just in time for the season when you need to find what seems like a million tiny presents.


These little books measure only 7,9x11,1x0,9cm / 3.1"x4.4"x0.4" and they have 62 pages of off-white drawing paper suitable for most pens, pencils and dry media. That means they'll fit into anyone's pocket and suit pretty much anyone's needs - notes, scribbles, sketches, travel journal entries... I made each of the twelve books a different colour, so the fastest one out there also has the chance to buy the whole lot and have a different book for each month of the year.


The most frequent concern people seem to have with handmade books is that their ideas aren't fancy enough for such fancy books, or that they have such ugly handwriting it doesn't belong in a pretty book. These books are super super simple and plain, and as such a very easy way to ease into the pleasures of using a carefully crafted notebook instead of those factory made ones you can barely get to open without cracking the spine. Also, I think giving someone a beautiful handmade notebook as a gift signals that you value their thoughts highly enough to think they should be in a pretty book. And you don't need to break the bank to get one of these either... Find the whole lot in the shop now.


Holiday season plans are in full action here. Origami stars are taking over my days as well as a certain recurring matchbox related project I'm pretty excited about. What does your November look like? I hope it's not as dark and busy as mine!