accumulator seriali - part 21 + new website!

accumulator seriali - vintage keys / Wow, after months and months of planning and some days of work here and there, I decided to finally finish my new website. Creating a new site was definitely a case where one could spend an eternity fiddling with details, but I want to focus my energy more on things off-screen instead of tweaking every little bit of my website. And sometimes done is better than perfect. Still, I'm currently quite happy with how everything looks like!

The biggest change here is the addition of photo galleries where you can browse my work neatly gathered in one place. Now you no longer need to sift through my blog ramblings if all you want is to look at beautiful books and mixed media art. There's also an all new About page (which is probably way too long - let me know what you think!). In any case, I will continue blogging here as usual, only with bigger photos.

Migrating nine year's worth of blog posts didn't go without a hitch, so you can still see some wonky formatting, like missing line breaks, and other inconsistent formatting, here and there, but I tried to  clean up the worst disasters. I used to know how to build websites with ease, but that was half my life ago, and things were much simpler back then. If you should run into issues with the new site, I'd really appreciate it if you took the time to let me know so I can attempt to fix whatever is the matter. You can leave me a comment, or get in touch via my fancy new Contact page. All feedback is most welcome!

accumulator seriali - vintage keys /

Now, back to the routine schedule! Accumulator Seriali it is, then. To take a little break from all the bookish things I've shared recently (more will follow, I promise), I wanted to share a different type of collection. As you know, I have plenty of old keys in both my letterpress trays (here & here), and a few odd pieces scattered about, but then there's this big pile in my studio. Well, it's not really a pile in these photos – I do like things organized neatly, after all!

accumulator seriali - vintage keys /

These are all keys my father gave me recently. They belonged to his father and his father's father. Luckily my brothers don't care much for junk, and the tradition of hoarded keys passing down from father to son could be broken!

After a long week of website stuff, I'm now so happy to go offline and create a new mixed media piece to be shared on Monday. I also have loads of new book ideas waiting for me to find the time to sit down and get those covers made. Nothing like a little break from making things by hand to make my fingers itch with anticipation...