(paper, tissue paper, board, shell)
It is night now that I write this. I try to make the hours last, like I always do. I'm listening to this. Last night I had a dream where I was approched by someone who, at the same time, was from my past and someone I had never met before. I don't know if this person was a man or a woman, but I know they trusted me. Maybe it was a man then, I've never been very good with the girl talk. We were at his place, I was drinking coffee, which I never drink in real life*, he had a wax tablecloth that was sticky and had newspaper text imprinted on it in reverse. He pulled out a large box from under his bed. It was full of tiny compartments, just like old typecases, and those tiny compartments were filled with tiny treasures. Feathers and rocks and stamps and nuts and bolts and everything. He said that I should have a look and see if there's something I can use in my matchboxes. I woke up before I could decide upon keeping anything. But it was a good dream nonetheless. Vague, but I dream in vague.
I just wanted to share this bit of last night before I switch off the lights and chase the ending to that dream tonight. Thank you, you. You're full of awesome. I'm so glad you're here
*I'm the freak that doesn't drink. No tea, coffee, hot chocolate, beer, wine, champagne, sparkling wine, sparkling water. Just cold tap water preferably. Juice or soft drinks occasionally. But water is my thing really. Though I don't drink enough of that either. I'm terrible.