some tiny #areyoubookenough favourites

One very important part of the monthly #areyoubookenough artists' book challenge is the feeling of being a part of a creative community. It's not just about getting something done, or about making the best work - it's a lot about support and sharing. We always pick nine books we especially liked and share those on Instagram, but I also want to share some here, as I know not everyone ventures out into the social media and I don't want you to miss out on all the fun.

The creators of the above books are tagged on the photo - not sure if they're visible and clickable for you here, but do check them out through this image on Instagram. Here are a couple of my favourite tiny books in a size you can actually see:

The February theme Tiny was an excellent one! People mostly worked on tiny, tiny projects, which meant experimenting was super easy. Larger books tend to be more time consuming (though you can spend sooooo much time on a tiny book, too!) and it's always a bit scary to try out something new when there's a risk of ruining your precious and possibly expensive materials. This month we had over 100 entries for the #areyoubookenough challenge and I was so pleased to see a huge variety of techniques and many levels of tiny. I hope the March theme Mapped is embraced with equal enthusiasm! I have my plans for the theme, but we'll see how they pan out later in the month...

kimono silk soft cover coptic notebooks

collaboration with Larkspur Studio London


My love for silk as a cover material grows. Earlier this year I made a set of sewn boards binding notebooks using some gorgeous vintage kimono silk fabric I received from Eva of Larkspur Studio London (only one of them remains available!). Now it was time to try something different with the samples she sent me, and so this lot of eight soft cover Coptic notebooks was born. I love each and every one of them. These books measure 9×13,7×1,1cm / 3.4″x5.4″x0.4″ and have 64 pages each. Only one in each design was made and only six are still available as I write this. You can find those six in the Paperiaarre shop.


There are some busy times ahead with my poetry book, but luckily I’ve also been a very busy bookbinder lately, so there’ll be new bookish things here in the coming weeks as well!

tiny - #areyoubookenough bookbinding challenge

This month the #areyoubookenough bookbinding challenge was penciled into my calendar after a loooong break. Here's what I put together using stuff scattered on my desk after a long day of bookbinding:


My tiny book measures 1,8x2,5cm / 0.7"x1" and the tin is just a hair larger. Pretty tiny altogether, I'd say. You can view a video of the book on my Instagram.

I'll be sharing a few of my favourite tiny books by other artists/bookbinders here once everyone has posted their entries on Instagram.The theme for March is still a mystery to me, but I can promise it will be something really interesting. If you're interested in joining the challenge, you can find out more right here.

these waves - mixed media collage

Last week I made the first mixed media work of 2018. It's nice to be back in the world of old scraps that can be turned into something entirely different.


I'll wear these waves like a silken dress
And you lean your eyes on me

While the sky
           Softly hesitates


The box measures approximately 14x13x1 cm / 5.5"x5.1"x0.4" (open)

You can find this piece in the Paperiaarre shop.

tall softcover notebooks

People are used to seeing notebooks with pretty much set dimensions, which are naturally based on the standard paper dimensions. For a hand bookbinder deviating from the standard often means a bit more work and/or a bit more waste, but it's a nice change to mix things up. I actually find the shape of my notebook affects my flow of thoughts - wider pages result in longer, more rambling (and slanting) sentences, and with small books you're constantly moving from one page to another, which of course can be great when you just filled eight pages with your fantastic ideas and feel like you still have some left. This week I went for tall and slim notebooks: the pages are about the same width as in my smaller notebooks, and about 50% taller. This makes for a visually pleasing notebook that's still small enough to be carried with you, but has a lot more room for your thoughts.


The books measure 10,8×18 cm / 4.3″x7.15.4″, and you can find them in the Paperiaarre Shop.


This week's bookbinding accomplishments: Four sewn boards bindings with flexible covers, three of which with fancy metallic gold linen spines, one with a pretty dusty pink spine, all with pretty endpapers. And I also made something very small... I think I just might be getting back to business with the #areyoubookenough monthly bookbinding challenge after a very long break. I've really enjoyed seeing what everyone else has been making, but there simply hasn't been the time or energy for me to participate again until now. I still need to take some photos and shoot a little video of my tiny book, but you'll get to see it soon enough!