tall softcover notebooks

People are used to seeing notebooks with pretty much set dimensions, which are naturally based on the standard paper dimensions. For a hand bookbinder deviating from the standard often means a bit more work and/or a bit more waste, but it's a nice change to mix things up. I actually find the shape of my notebook affects my flow of thoughts - wider pages result in longer, more rambling (and slanting) sentences, and with small books you're constantly moving from one page to another, which of course can be great when you just filled eight pages with your fantastic ideas and feel like you still have some left. This week I went for tall and slim notebooks: the pages are about the same width as in my smaller notebooks, and about 50% taller. This makes for a visually pleasing notebook that's still small enough to be carried with you, but has a lot more room for your thoughts.


The books measure 10,8×18 cm / 4.3″x7.15.4″, and you can find them in the Paperiaarre Shop.


This week's bookbinding accomplishments: Four sewn boards bindings with flexible covers, three of which with fancy metallic gold linen spines, one with a pretty dusty pink spine, all with pretty endpapers. And I also made something very small... I think I just might be getting back to business with the #areyoubookenough monthly bookbinding challenge after a very long break. I've really enjoyed seeing what everyone else has been making, but there simply hasn't been the time or energy for me to participate again until now. I still need to take some photos and shoot a little video of my tiny book, but you'll get to see it soon enough!

chained long-stitch notebooks

Finding bookcloth in colours I love is much easier these days. In part because there are more suppliers that ship to Finland at a reasonable price than before, but also because I find myself enjoying colours more than I used to. Although I still tend to wear pretty much black and grey... Anyway, this week I decided it was time to add a bit more variety to what I've been up to. You've really liked the long-stitch bullet journals with dotted grid pages, but every now and then I also get requests for similar books with blank pages. And here they are, blank pages in hard covers (in delicious colours!), sewn into notebooks using a long-stitch chain variation.

chainstitch-notebooks-paperiaarre-6-large (800x800).jpg

These books measure approximately 15x21,5cm / 5.9"x8.5", or around the size A5. They have 72 pages of 90gsm drawing paper suitable for most pens and dry media. You can find this lot in the Paperiaarre shop.

chainstitch-notebooks-paperiaarre-8-large (800x800).jpg
chainstitch-notebooks-paperiaarre-1-large (800x800).jpg

Next up on my to-do-list is a small lot of tall but slim sewn board binding notebooks with linen covers. And some with gold linen spines, too. I'm also itching to make a collage for a change, but we'll see... Maybe a small box, or a pendant, as a gateway into making some larger pieces after the matchboxes I made for December. It's a world of its own, making those tiny things!


Even on snowy days it feels like summer is only a leap away. For a terrible sleeper and chronic night owl like me it's wonderful to wake up and still have hours and hours of daylight left. I still do my best creative work late in the evening, but I find ideas come to me more easily when there's been also light to balance off the darkness.

I hope all is well with you and you're enjoying the February light wherever you are!

for the love of stacks and journals

Coptic bound journals, as promised! I was a busy bee for the past week and have a ton of new notebooks under way, with stacks of signatures, endpapers, and fabric taking up most of my desk. I need to turn those stacks into stacks like this one - these take up a lot less space, are easier to store, and are ready to leave the house whenever.


The sage green journal got a distressed gold stripe on its cover to match its dotty gold endpapers, but the other three I left plain apart from the patterned endpapers.


And as always, these journals open beautifully and lie flat just where you want them to. Unlike with many, many books, you can actually use the entire page, from the very edge to the very fold.


If you feel like you'd like to own or gift one of these, you can find them all in the Paperiaarre shop. Also, there's just one of the kimono silk notebooks from last week left...

Now it's time for me to choose between heading out into an actual snow storm in search of sustenance or cutting some book cloth until I'm so hungry I want something I have in my freezer. You all know how this is going to go.

vintage kimono silk notebooks

collaboration with Larkspur Studio London

A while ago I was approached by the lovely Eva of Larkspur Studio London asking if I'd like to try out some of the vintage silk fabric she sells in her Etsy shop. And of course I said yes - they're all real beauties! She sent me a very generous stack of samples and here's what I've made with them so far:


A nice stack of sewn boards binding notebooks! These measure 9,6×14×1,4cm / 3.8″x5.5″x0.6″ and they all have 96 pages of 90gsm drawing paper with a slightly rough surface suitable for all dry media. The fabrics I used for the covers and spines are mostly tsumugi silk, which is slightly nubby and fairly matte silk fabric. Super elegant!

And because the patterns of these vintage silks are so gorgeous, I'm not going to even try and pick my favourites to share. So here's the whole lot (and other stuff at the very end!):


Flexible soft covers! I'm still infatuated with this bookbinding structure. It's perfect for everyday use and still has that something little extra special design-wise that sets the book apart from the mass-produced stuff. And it doesn't hurt that it's a fun book structure to make!


You can now find these books in the Paperiaarre shop. If you'd like to see what beautiful Larkspur Studio London has to offer, do pay Eva a visit here! The fabric I used works really well on the book covers, but do note that you either need to back the fabric with paper (google tutorials on making your own book cloth) or be very skilled at glueing if you want to avoid the glue seeping through, but that's just how it goes with any lightweight fabric!

On another note, maybe you've noticed it's been very quiet here after Christmas. Lately it's been a bit of a struggle to balance between writing and bookbinding, but I'm sure you'll be seeing me here much more frequently with new bookbinding posts as days get longer and I get out of the slump also known as book deadline meets Finnish winter.

I know you guys love tutorials, it's just that currently they're a bit too time consuming to fit into my schedule. There will be more tutorials later on, but if you have some other type of content you'd like to see more of, let me know! This blog isn't just a place where I share my latest work with a link to my shop (although the books are pretty, and who doesn't enjoy looking at pretty books), but a place where I like to share all sorts of things relating to bookbinding, mixed media art and paper art in general! So, now's your time to let me know what you'd like to see more of...

Next Thursday I'll be back with a small stack of Coptic bound journals. They're still in pieces, but not for long!