watercolour sketchbooks

November arrived and stole some more of our precious daylight. I’ve been nursing my second cold in a month and worked only with my fuzzy brain. Maybe next week I’ll tackle the stack of half-finished bullet journals. Maybe next week I’ll run away for a while instead. We’ll see. Today I still have fresh books for you from the days not yet spent in bed. One of the most inquired after specialties is books suitable for painting with watercolours - your wishes have been heard and now there’s not only books with paper for mixed media in the shop but also these hardcover watercolour paper sketchbooks.


mixed media journals

It’s Helsinki Book Fair time of the year. This time around I’m there talking about my poetry book, but before that some especially exciting things are happening: I’m one of the three finalists for Toisinkoinen book award handed out at a gala event tonight by the Finnish literature students of Helsinki University for the best second book to come out this past year. The other two finalists are amazing, so just to be nominated is an honour, but keep your fingers crossed for me anyway!

Knowing I’d have very little time at the end of this week for bookbinding, I was a super hardworking girl earlier. I have my #areyoubookenough artists’ book finished and photographed (to be shared early next week), and I have a massive stacks of books in various stages of unfinishedness. Thankfully there’s also a small stack of finished books!

These books have pages made out of heavyweight (200gsm) paper suitable for mixed media making these perfect for sketchbook or art journal use. The Coptic binding also allows the books to open flat for maximum ease.


Matchy-matchy endpapers and sturdy hard covers. Yours if you want ->


Just finished the second half of my latest lot of kimono silk books, slow and steady... Coptic and long stitch bindings now available in the Paperiaarre shop.

We've been enjoying a particularly beautiful and sunny May here in the south of Finland, and it's been a challenge to stay indoors and get everything planned done, while also allowing myself some time to just relax and celebrate my accomplishments. I hope it's beautiful and balanced wherever you are!


the first two new vintage lace guest books

I'd love to say I've been a good girl, busy at my desk, but actually I've been an allergy induced mess for a good while already, and this past week has been the most tiring of all spring. So, instead of even attempting to stick to all my deadlines, I've given myself some slack and tried to enjoy it the best I can, even when there's barely any voice coming out when I try to speak. Despite some days spent just lazing around and hanging out with friends, I do have two lovely new books in the Paperiaarre shop. Some is better than none, right? The rest of the lot I'm working on, should be done in the coming few days, or next week latest, so do keep an eye on my Instagram and this blog. As a side note, my little #areyoubookenough project is still nothing more than an idea, but if all goes well, it'll be ready in no time. Keeping it simple!


I always make the most beautiful vintage finds on my trips to London, and now it's time to put some of the lace into good use! I've paired it with dusty apricot and light sand coloured linen.


One larger landscape format book and another smaller square-ish. Both stay open and flat with ease, which is naturally my favourite feature of a Coptic binding. I mean, it's pretty and all, but functionality is always my top priority!


See you soon, I hope!