Larger sewn boards bindings

My sewn boards binding notebooks with linen covers have been a bit of a hit since I first started making them, and I fully understand why. They're just too damn beautiful, and still unintimidating and very easy to use as your everyday notebook. Like Moleskine but better and more unique.


One of my favourite things about putting together a sewn boards binding is picking the materials. There's a bit more to choose than for an average case bound book - the spine liner that remains visible also on the board edges by the spine, the endpapers, and the linen fabric for both the spine and the covers (of course I could use the same colour for both, but I like the two-tone look!).


These books have 96 pages each, and they're fairly large, measuring 14,4×20,2×1,4cm / 5.7″x8″x0.6″.

All four can be found for sale here.


I'm now focusing on building a nice bookbinding routine again, preparing for a matchbox art project, as well as working on a new poetry performance. Busy, but happy. Next week I hope to share with you something completely one of a kind - a special journal I've dreamed of making all through the summer.

New books, at last!

And we're officially back in business!


As you well know, I took a loooong break from bookbinding this summer. While my days were filled with exciting things like writing, apartment hunting, renovations, etc., bookbinding was something I sorely missed in my daily life. The new workspace has now been put into use at last, and you can find four new books in the Paperiaarre shop.


Each book has 96 bright white fairly heavy-weight pages with light grey 5 mm dotted grid, making them perfect for bullet journal use, or for anyone who likes their books with a bit of a visual aid instead of blank pages. I personally find dots less distracting and more practical than lined pages.


As always, these books are all one of a kind. Only one book in each colour was made, and once a colour has sold out, it's gone. So, you know what to do if you find yourself having an instant favourite!

Hello again!

The Paperiaarre shop has finally reopened! During my time off from bookbinding this summer I worked on writing my second poetry book as well as some other poetry projects, and moved my home and my studio to a lovely new place in Helsinki. More about my new workspace once it's properly set up and running!


This week things are about to swing into action even though the studio is still a bit quiet - I'm putting together a massive blog post for Thursday about the great bookbinding questions people have asked me during my Instagram Office Hours. And in case the new blog post doesn't cover what you've got on your mind, I've got your back: the first autumn season Office Hours session is on Friday!

new home

Hello sweethearts!

I've been gone for longer than I had planned, and I'm still not really back for good. I'm relocating both myself and my website. For the time being, please forgive the gazillion broken links and my sporadic communication. I hope to get both fixed very soon!