all day instagram office hours on Feb 9th 2017 @paperiaarre

instagram office hours today + feedback opportunity

all day instagram office hours on Feb 9th 2017 @paperiaarre

I get tons of questions on weekly basis about my work, bookbinding in general, and about a wide variety of bookbinding problems. I don’t always have the time to answer all questions, at least not as thoroughly as I’d like, so I’ve decided to have these Instagram Office Hours every now and then. This way the questions and answers are helpful to a wider audience than the private correspondences. The last office hour session was a success, and today I’m once again answering (or trying to answer) your questions all day long. And since the vast majority of you live on a different time zone from me, I’m making all day last long as long as possible – I’m answering all questions asked before I wake up tomorrow morning. So, no, I won’t be answering all questions real time, but I’ll probably check Instagram obsessively for most of the day, and finish the rest tomorrow. Your questions may have already been answered, so I’d appreciate it if you checked out these two posts where I address some common issues: 7 tips for more professional looking handmade books  and Tips and resources for beginner bookbinders.

I’m also offering two lucky bookbinders (beginner/intermediate level) the opportunity get some one-on-one feedback and tutoring on Instagram. So if you want me to look at your book photos and give you personalised, actionable feedback based on your work, follow me on Instagram and stay tuned! More info about how to apply on Instagram on Monday!

mixed media necklace by Kaija Rantakari, 2017 /

mixed media monday – the velvet necklace

mixed media necklace by Kaija Rantakari, 2017 /

After working intensely on some slower creative projects nowhere near finished for the past few weeks, this mixed media necklace was a rewarding piece to make. To finish something is always nice, and to finish something beautiful is obviously better.

mixed media necklace by Kaija Rantakari, 2017 /

(vintage photo, vintage watch case, vintage velvet ribbon, freshwater pearl, thread, hand dyed silk cord)

pendant 3,3×7,3cm / 1.3″x2.9″
cord length 100cm / 39.4″

for sale here

mixed media necklace by Kaija Rantakari, 2017 /

And thanks once more for the nice response to the heart matchbook tutorial! There are now a couple of matchbooks available in the shop, too, if you’re not feeling crafty yourself. And a little reminder to my readers not yet following me on Instagram: I’m hosting a giveaway on Instagram – just share your Valentine’s Day story in the photo comments and you’re in for a chance to win a heart matchbook for you and another one for your friend! You have until the end of Feb 7th (GMT+2) to enter.

Want to win one of my anatomical heart matchbooks? Another one for your friend? Anywhere in the world? Read on! In Finland Valentine’s Day is a day for celebrating friendship, so I wanted to treat my growing flock of wonderful, friendly followers to a little surprise. Tell me your best, or worst, Valentine’s Day story in the comments below, and you’ll have a chance to win a heart matchbook for you and your friend. As long as you have a mailing address for your friend, I’ll even mail their surprise directly to them! No jumping through hoops: simply tell me your story by the end of Feb 7th (GMT+2), no sharing or tagging required (but of course it always warms my ❤), but please no giveaway accounts, just you as you are. I will pick and announce the winner on Feb 8th! This giveaway isn’t sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Instagram or Facebook. (No story? Check out the tutorial I shared for these books a few posts ago, or shop in the Paperiaarre Etsy shop!)

Photo by Kaija Rantakari (@paperiaarre) published on

Also happening on Instagram later this week: all day Instagram office hours on Thursday! What that means is that I’m going to answer your questions about bookbinding, mixed media, or even myself, throughout the day. I’ll post a reminder here on the day of, but until then, feel free to already start jotting down a list of questions you’d like me to answer when the opportunity rises. I’ll also be offering two bookbinders the opportunity to get some one-on-one coaching and feedback on bookbinding, but more about that on Thursday!

DIY: heart matchbook tutorial + free printable /

heart matchbook tutorial

DIY: heart matchbook tutorial + free printable /

For all of you yearning for more tutorials, today’s a happy day! A matchbook tutorial! While I’m not a Valentine’s Day person (possibly for cultural reasons – it’s just not the same kind of celebration here in Finland), I’m definitely a person who sees the point in treating your someone special to something special. And because I’m usually not a lovey-dovey mushy person, I’m also not a heart person. Unless we’re talking about actual hearts. And there you have it – I found out I can do non-icky Valentine’s Day stuff as long as we go instead with that magnificent beating organ keeping us alive (and hopefully loving) every single day of our lives.

So, today I’m happy to present you with a detailed tutorial for putting together your very own heart matchbook, or, actually, five! I made you a free printable for the covers, and since you can fit five covers per page, it only makes sense to make five! These little books are quick and easy to make and require very little special tools (and you can improvise many things if you’re lacking something listed below), and only a few sheets of paper for the entire lot.

I’ve used this matchbook style for my books of good things for a decade now, and I still think it’s the bee’s knees. These small things are just so full of cuteness, and once you’ve got the hang of it, you can whip up a bunch in a flash! Super rewarding!

I know you’re itching to get started, so let’s have a look at the stuff you need to make these books happen:

DIY: heart matchbook tutorial + free printable / (more…)

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