The weather was funny today and it was hard to get any good photos of my newest creation. Now the colors should be as close to the real thing as they can get with my photographing skills.

This too is a long stitch binding with cardboard covers. The trees have a nice rough touch as there’s a slight texture on the cardboard. 4″x4.7″x1.1″ (10,2×11.9×2,8cm). 112 pages.

Not being able to live with idle hands

First of all, lots of thank yous to Jesse! She has been a real inspiration to me. So now I warmly welcome everyone she’s guided here.

I’ve been busy watching snooker on Eurosport up to 7 hours a day since Saturday. Snooker’s as close to art as a sport can get (and Ronnie O’Sullivan is what makes it interesting). I can walk again, but now I don’t want to. Yesterday I did get out of the house to get a new haircut and after that I part accidentally went to see Persepolis with a friend and my husband. I think we all loved it. I highly recommend it!

While sitting in front of television, I’ve made some long stitch bindings. That type of binding was used in the late middle ages, often to bind account books.

5.9″x5.9″x0.8″(15x15x2cm). The cover is handmade paper folded over a piece of cardboard. 96 thick, white pages.

4.6″x6.4″x0.7″(11,8×16,3×1,8cm) The cover is sturdy handmade paper. Sewing and closure natural linen thread. 128 pages.

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