Organizing my buttonhole silk stash, for the next thing planned for tonight is a long session of sewing endbands for my fancy journals and notebooks.

Perhaps there are moments of awakening





vintage photo, kraft paper, wax paper, vintage book page, vintage cut-up text, vintage artificial silk thread, board, twine, glue

15,2×21,4×0,9cm  /  6″x8.4″x0.4″

I’m just in the process of listing a huge lot of mixed media pieces on Etsy, including this one, so do pop over and see if you fancy something for yourself! 
Working from the best bar in town, enjoying possibly the last day of spring weather for a while, and bursting with all sorts of ideas for future projects: bookbinding, art and poetry. There are some books and journals half-finished, but I need to take it easy with my wrists, so progress is slow. Sorry!


Sch. . . .

vintage photo (a vintage reproduction of a cut up photo), vintage book page, tissue paper, linen fabric, embroidery thread, pencil, acrylic paint, paper, board, twine, paste, glue

30,5×25,7×1,5cm  /  12″x10.1″x0.6″

Didn’t mean to be gone for so long, but I got busy with procrastination as well as with planning my next poetry book. The art exhibition is now over and I’m listing pieces that didn’t find a home yet in my shop in the coming weeks. First, though, I’m going to go visit my family and deliver this Sch… piece and two others to my mother.

I’ll leave you now with a book recommendation: go and read Uncle Tungsten – Memories of a Chemical Childhood by the ever amazing Oliver Sacks. I was never a too big of a genius in chemistry and what I once learned at school has been wiped off my memory years ago, but this book is a gem through and through, one that made me see chemistry from a new angle. It’s also a book about being somewhat obsessed, which is always a bonus, I think, and it alone is a perfectly good reason to read a book.
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