Never-never land

vintage photo, vintage book pages, freshwater pearls, silk thread, perforated paper, paper, board, twine, glue

16,4×14,6×3,5cm  /  6.5″x5.7″x1.4″

it began like this: 

And one of my new projects looks currently like this:


Lovers waiting

vintage photo, vintage letters and ephemera, vintage text, handmade paper, vintage grid paper, board, twine, glue

10,9×13,1×0,8cm  /  4.3″x5.2″x0.3″
(Secretly dreaming of any kind of grass)


vintage photo, self-made paper, handmade papers, freshwater pearls, silk thread, paper, board, twine, glue

16x15x1,5cm  /  6.3″x5.9″x0.6″
The starkness of white here suits the cold winter weather we had today. I’m ready for the Föhn wind to return later this week and bring some warmer days. The little sunshine we’ve had has been something quite amazing regardless of the temperature. I’m sort of taking a breather after working so hard on the exhibition and my poetry book, but the sunlight sneakily encourages me to tackle new projects while it lasts. Luckily spring is unavoidable and there will be (even more) light even if I don’t go ruining my wrists with a frantic book block folding session right away. Once I’m done rearranging my workspace (awesome new shelves and a new storage system for materials), I’m definitely making new books for the shop, which quite desperately needs sprucing up.
I’ve given a couple interviews re: the exhibition, and it’s been great to be forced to verbalize my reasoning, and taste, in general. No massive realizations, more like moments of self-affirmation. I love black and white photos especially. I love how many shades of black and white there are (this piece shown above has much whiter white than my usual whites, the black is quite gray but so are most of my blacks, the photo itself is only a bit off-white and its gray is a very plain gray with no special features). I love snapshots with action more than stern portraits, but I also love photos of seemingly derelict places. I love taking things out of context as well as experiencing things out of context, hence I also love photos of complete strangers.
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