mixed media assemblage – vintage photo, lokta paper, self-made paper, vintage grid paper, gold leaf, linen and silk threads, board, glue
12,1×14,1×1,2cm  /  4.8″x5.6″x0.5″

I wish I, too, could go boating looking all amazing and wearing a massive but gorgeous hat. There are some problems though: 1) I can’t swim and bodies larger than a stream generally freak me out a bit (nowadays plenty of things have that effect), 2) it’s too hot to look all amazing (I know it’s probably hotter where you are, but I’m still going to complain), 3) my normal-looking head is secretly too big for the hats available (except for the one I have that belonged to my grandmother, but that’s for cooler weather and much too big even for me in a non-massive way).

I’ll be on my way to London next Tuesday, but I promise you to update the shop with new books before that. My break from bookbinding wasn’t luckily as long as I expected and I have a feeling returning to making books doesn’t mean I won’t be making mixed media pieces. A little bit of everything.

Very blue – Päijänne

An unexpected break from my newly established frequent blogging routine occured when I jumped in the car with my parents after they visited me so I could pay them an unplanned visit in return of their well-planned one, and my absence from the online world got prolonged a bit. My father took us home via a scenic route along the Lake Päijänne and we got to enjoy perfect Finnish summer scenery from the comfort of an airconditioned car (the heatwave is simply dreadful; I’m not built for temperatures exceeding +23C, let alone +30). I’m not great at taking landscape photos from a moving vehicle, so I didn’t even bother trying and I can only share these photos I took when we stopped to stretch our legs a bit. Lovely, isn’t it?

My parents brought us extra shelves for our bookshelf. I managed to fit in 8,8 meters of them and immediately filled well over 7m of them with books and movies that were previously double-shelved, stacked and/or in hiding. I have a feeling we’ll have trouble making it into 2015 without running out of space, again. Our trip to London doesn’t help as we tend to return from there with masses of books every time.

I’ll get back to sharing my assemblages in a day or two. Meanwhile you might enjoy the photos my mother took of the crafty part of Jyväskylä while visiting me.

Though he was sorry, he was not angry

mixed media assemblage – vintage photo, vintage watch crystal, antique book pages, antique album pages, millimeter vellum paper, bookcloth, magnet, board, paper, glue
size closed 8,4x11x1,7cm  /  3.3″x4.3″x0.7″
size open 16,9x11x1,1cm  /  6.7″x4.3″x0.4″
for sale here

I just listed this one on Etsy and went too deep in thought when I tried to find words to describe the feeling this line evokes. The words weren’t quite found, and I now feel almost exhausted by, I don’t know what, maybe empathy, and I’m not really up to blogging anymore.
Things are good here, regardless my weird emotional weariness that’ll soon pass. A trip to London looms in near future, and it’s impossible to brood when I know I’ll soon get to visit the lovely antique market in Spitalfields. So, once again, if you have suggestions of things to see or do in London, please share in the comments section. I look forward to seeing the London still unfamiliar to me. I ought to write a post about my favourite places/things in London some time soon.

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